So This is Happening

So I guess this is what happens when you don’t blog for months on end…


All the sudden you look up and you’re announcing a pregnancy! Yes, that’s right. If you didn’t catch it on Twitter or IG… We are expecting baby number THREE in May!

I promised to blog the details so here goes…

How far along?

Almost 16 weeks! This baby is due May 20th-25th (my original sono said the 25th and my most recent said the 20th) - just days before Knox’s birthday.

Was it planned?

NO!! So incredibly not planned. I mean - I never really felt like I was done having kids, but I certainly wasn’t ready to pull the trigger on a 3rd. In fact a week before we found I was bragging to someone about how much I loved the fact that my kids weren’t in diapers, feed themselves, and sleep through night - and how at that point I was totally content with my 2 “big” kids. Oh man… God sure does have a sense of humor!

Finding out…

I didn’t find out until later (for me) on this one - 8 weeks. I bought a test just to “rule it out” and I didn’t even take it until several days later because I figured it wasn’t a remote possibility. Well, imagine my surprise when that big fat + showed up! I had no clue how I was going to tell James, he ended up finding the test in a bathroom drawer that night, HA!

It has taken a while to really sink in - still hasn’t actually. I had my first doctors appointment around 9 weeks, and I can’t locate that sonogram pic at the moment. (Poor third child…)

First trimester…

I’ve actually been trying to keep up with the weekly pregnancy update thing. I have weeks 9-15 in a saved post that I will get up soon.  But overall I just feel like I was in a coma the 1st trimester. I was so tired and unmotivated. Seems like that 2nd trimester energy burst has finally kicked in this week, so now I trying to put my house back together. It has been severely neglected these past few months!

Seems like I had more nausea with this pregnancy than my others, although thankfully it’s pretty much subsided. Right now I’m feeling pretty good, just ready to be past that awkward “is she pregnant or did she just eat too much” phase!

Spilling the beans…

Since I’d be 15 weeks right around Thanksgiving, we knew we wanted to announce it to our families when we traveled back to Memphis for the holiday. We told the kids a few days before we left. I had a great sonogram at 14 weeks as part of my genetic screening, which we got a copy of on DVD. So we sat them down in the den, told them we had a surprise, and played the DVD. It took them a little while (and some prompting) to figure out what it was. When they did - Knox was SO excited. He is so fascinated by all of this. He asked a lot of [in-depth] questions and he loves watching the DVD. “Can we watch X-ray Baby?!?”

Hadley was kind of a different story… She let us know that SHE is the baby, and she threw a fit until she went to bed that night. Lord help us! She’s warming up to the idea little by little, but I’m a little concerned about what’s going to go down when the baby is actually here.

(And I am such an awful mother for not getting any pictures of this!)


[How cute is that little profile?!?]

EPSON MFP image   EPSON MFP image

[Precious little feet and what looks like a smile!]

We had no super creative way to tell our family - we just let H announce that she was “going to be a big sister!” and share the sonogram pic. Of course everyone is really excited!

Boy or Girl?

We have a pretty good idea but my lips are sealed until we confirm at our 18 week ultrasound :)

But basically I’m in a really great spot with this - I already feel like I have the best of both worlds! On one hand - it feels like It’s been so long since I’ve done the baby boy thing, so that would be so fun. And on the other hand - I’d take another girl any day of the week. I mean the thought of matching dresses and bows… Yes please!

So either way - it will be so fun to find out and announce whether it will be more bishops or John Johns around here!

So now you know the scoop! Like I said I’m feeling pretty good right now. If anything I keep almost forgetting I’m pregnant. I feel like I don’t even have time to think about it, we are so busy these days. I can hardly believe it’s already been 16 weeks!

I’m going to try so hard to stay on top of pregnancy updates, as well as blogging in general!


The Smith Family said...

Congratulations!! Can't wait to hear what you are having! How fun! I'm so back and forth on whether I want another one... I have two boys and would love the chance of a girl? But would probably have a boy again �� which would be totally wonderful too. Decisions decisions
Blessing to you and that sweet little peanut ��

Beth and Barry said...

I follow you on IG & have read your blog since before Hadley was born (don't think I've ever commented until today actually! :) ), but wanted to offer a CONGRATULATIONS to you! We, too, are due with our 3rd on May 21st. We, also, have 1 boy & 1 girl so I'm super thrilled that I absolutely don't care what this baby is. (haha!) Again, congrats! You have one adorable family!

Andrea @ The Dawley Fam said...

Congratulations, how exciting! I cannot even imagine the lack of motivation with the third child, because I totally lost it all with my second. Glad to hear you're feeling good! I'm thinking GIRL! I'm sure boys are so fun and awesome, but I have two girls (2Y and 10M) and there is nothing better for my momma heart to see their sister-bond develop. And dressing them in matching bishops and bows... =)

Jennifer said...

I was kind of wondering if this was what was causing the slow down in your blogging. Been missing reading all your posts and so excited for you on this new addition!

Kelsey said...

Congratulations! I've missed your blog but sounds like you've been busy! :) Excited to see your family grow!

B said...

I am just a couple of weeks ahead of you (was 17 weeks on Sunday). We also just told our family over thanksgiving because that's the only time we could tell my sister in person. We have a 4 year old so we let him announce that he had a secret...and that he was going to a big brother. When we first told him, he wasn't to enthused and actually said he didn't want me to get a big tummy. And said he wasn't going to tell. We chatted a little more about it later and he finally came around (and decided the baby was going to sleep in his room) and decided he'd make the announcement. We found out on Saturday (my mom is a radiologist) that it's another boy!

Kelly said...

Congrats! I was wondering why you were so quiet and the thought crossed my mind if you were gonna be pregnant soon...yes, hows that? a complete stranger (except I've been following your blog for over 4 years!) was wondering if YOU were pregs...LOL! Congrats I am sure this baby will be adorable like the rest...and maybe have your gorgeous olive skin tone...

The Matthews' Family said...

Congratulations! I have followed your blog forever and I am always a few months behind you with pregnancy. My Hadley is 4 and I am pregnant with my third due in June! Excited to follow along with your pregnancy!

Shae said...

Saw this on IG, but want to congratulate you here as well. So excited for you, and can't wait to find out what you're having. I'm thinking you need another boy so Miss H can be the only little girl. :)

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Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

How exciting!!! Congrats to you all. :)

Lauren said...

Not sure if I've ever commented, but I so enjoy reading about your little family! Congrats on #3! I have an almost 3 year old and an 18 month old…although they are both still in diapers, they are way more independent. I want a third, but would love to be pleasantly surprised because I don't think I could pull the trigger myself haha!

Meghan said...

Whaaatttt!!!! So exciting...love your blog and never would've guessed this was the reason for your hiatus. So hilarious how you didn't even take the test for a few days:)

Sunni said...

I have missed your posts!

Let me be very honest... my third is 15 months old and was also not planned. The fact that I have three children still hasn't sunk in all the way! :)

Erin and Jarod said...

Congratulations on the new addition to your adorable family! Hope that you continue feeling more energy and that the nausea goes away!

MTW said...

Congratulations! I've been a long-time reader, since before Hadley was born, but probably haven't ever commented. I was surprised by my third blessing, as well, but she's been the best surprise of all!

Kim said...

Hooray for babies & Love From Texas being back to blogging! I first found your blog while searching for machine embroidery stuff. Been checking in regularly ever since. So happy for your cute little family.