Phone Dump

Resurfacing for a quick IG photo dump in hopes that it will somewhat catch me up on the past 2 months…


Some Hadley randoms…

2013-09-09_1378742124   2013-09-11_1378911348

She got to “graduate” up to the lavender leotard at ballet. So exciting!!


Total mess!


H - once again star struck by Ariel - at our friend Selah Grace’s birthday party. After we left she kept saying, “Mommy I love Ariel, but I just miss her SO much!”

2013-09-22_1379894267   2013-09-23_1379896810

These are from our neighborhood picnic a few week ago. The kids LOVED the magician.


Wednesdays are Hadley’s and my Girls Day! We usually head to the mall or something. See also, I got a great hair cut and am finally able to wear it down long. This has never happened. Amazed!

2013-10-02_1380723108   2013-09-16_1379368075

Knox’s new speech routine is going so well!! It’s so exciting to see his pregress in such a short amount of time.


He is also straight up reading EVERYTHING which totally blows me away. I’m feeling so at peace with our decision to do Transition Kinder. He is going to be 12 steps ahead of the game when he starts regular Kinder next year.


Knox also is doing flag football this fall which has been so much fun to watch.

2013-09-28_1380398943   2013-09-28_1380330426

Our team - the Wildcats - is actually pretty good. In a few weeks they get to play a game under the BIG lights at SMU which I’m really looking forward to!


We took family dance party up a notch the other night when we added guitars. Hilarious!!

2013-09-09_1378696377   2013-09-30_1380554074

Mr. Samson is 10.5 months and well over 100lbs, although I don’t know how much because I lost the ability to weigh him at home a while ago. The pic on the right is me crockpotting in the dining room because I have no faith in him… Although it didn’t really hit me until after I took the pic that I probably shouldn’t put much faith in that baby gate either.


2013-09-17_1379385739    2013-09-08_1378602012

2013-09-18_1379474085    2013-09-28_1380396102

Besides all that, the kids are so excited for Halloween…

2013-09-19_1379550687   2013-10-05_1381002275

All THREE of them! ;)

2013-10-05_1380996820   2013-10-06_1381018057

Last Saturday we went to Oktoberfest and - just like last year - there was a freak-of-nature cold front that came in which made it 60 and windy! It was a bit chilly, but kind of nice.


We are loving the fact that it’s fall! I only wish that it lasted as long as our summers do.


Kelly said...

Little cuties! I love Hadley's shoes in the last pic. What brand are they?

nicole said...

What a cute photo dump! Love the blog!

Angie said...

I love your photo dump. What a sweet group of kiddos, puppy included. I can't believe how giant he is.

TheNinaShow.com said...

That pic of Sampson & the baby gate cracks me up everytime!