Meet the Teachers

Knox and Hadley FINALLY go back to school this Tuesday!


We had Meet the Teachers night last Thursday…

IMG_4392e  IMG_4395e

Pics at home…

IMG_4399e  IMG_4402e

And more pics once we got to school! I couldn’t help myself, they have NEVER posed this well for me :)

We went to Knox’s class first…


Knox turned 5 in May, so although he’s old enough for Kindergarten (crazy!) we are taking an extra year and doing Transition Kindergarten with him. It’s a 5 day program, and they do all the Kinder curriculum and then some. His head teacher - Mrs. T - was not able to make it to Meet the Teachers night, but the assistant Ms. Ashley was there. Knox is SO excited about this year!

Miss Hadley “graduated” from the MDO side to the Preschool side this year!

IMG_4409e   IMG_4411e

She is in the Tuesday/Thursday 3’s class with Mrs. F and Ms. Jeanette. She had the best time exploring her new classroom and we both love Ms. F!

After stopping in to say Hi and give hugs to our teachers from last year, we headed outside for a special treat…


A complimentary cupcake truck!

IMG_4415e  IMG_4416

They also had bubbles and music going - great fun.


Knox got the “Cookie Monster” and H got a white cupcake with pearl sprinkles. They were both gone in about 28 seconds flat :)

We can’t wait for our first day back on Tuesday!


Sunni said...

They grew up so much over the summer! I am in love with H's outfit.

School starts for my middle one on Thursday. Can't wait! It's going to be a great year.

MTW said...

LOOOOOVE Hadley's dress! Did you make it?

Miranda said...

Hadley's dress is ADORABLE! And, OMG a cupcake truck?!?!?!