Best Puppy Ever

Back in June I was going through one of our local magazines and a blurb about “submit a photo of your pet for a chance to be featured in our September issue” caught my attention.

I told James half-way jokingly “OMG you know Samson would win that! I mean look at his face…”

He rolled his eyes at me, which totally sealed the deal.


I got online and submitted this pic of our sweet Samson boy taken just a few weeks prior when he was 6 months old. Would you ever guess he was 60lbs in this pic?!?

I sort of forgot about the whole thing. Come the end of July I was insanely behind on my e-mails. Fortunately I was doing a search for something else, and just so happened to come across several e-mails from the magazine telling me Samson was one of the 4 pets chosen out of 300 submissions for the article… and We really need to get Samson’s interview and pictures before the end of the week… OMG!


So of course I responded and the following day we had the writer over for his “interview” and the day after that we met the photographer at our neighborhood school for pics.

Well, the September issue was released last week and OF COURSE the one month one of our “babies” is in it is the one month that our house is missed on the delivery :-/ I saw the article online first (after several friends told me!) and yesterday I was finally able to track down some hard copies…



And yes - make that TWO babies who made the magazine! I love that they captured and featured the special bond these two have.

Some screen shots of the website version of the article…



Our write-up makes me laugh! The reporter did a great job describing our little circus, as anyone who’s come for a visit at our house can attest to.

I know it’s just a local magazine, but we are so still so proud too show off our Samson!

He really is our “best puppy ever!”


Erin and Jarod said...

Loved your Samson write up, how cool! He is a beautiful puppy.

Sarah Kubelka said...

Hi! I just found your blog through Pinterest.
Your dog is absolutely adorable! Can you tell me what kind of sheepdog he is (if there are different kinds)? I googled "sheepdog" and they don't look like him! Haha