Santa Came!

I guess Knox and Hadley were good this year because Santa treated them well!


IMG_0576e   IMG_0577eIMG_0587e

I was totally expecting Knox to be up at 5am (last year he was already awake and playing with his toys when we got up) but lucky for us it was rainy and very dark Christmas morning, and we all slept in til 7! We actually had to wake Knox up and that never happens.


The first looks… Knox is still trying to wake up!



Excitement! Christmas morning faces are one of my most favorite things ever.


Knox checking out his stack.


And the joint gift stack.

IMG_0611e   IMG_0612e

Sweet Hadley just taking it all in. I know she’s only 2, but she is SO very verbal I think this will be the first Christmas she will remember.


We took our time getting in to the goods. I can honestly say my kids got a chance to enjoy every single thing. Sure it took all day, but that’s the beauty of spending Christmas Day at home with little ones.


The mini slinkies were a big hit in their stockings.


As if we needed any more trains… But Knox was very specific and consistent with his Wish List this year. “A candy cane, a choo choo train, and the Star Wars Lego game for X-Box.” I really wanted to include all those things, so for the “choo choo train” Santa brought him some bigger pieces that go with the wooden railway set he already has.


This poor Our Generation horse…


It’s been ridden by Miss Hadley a heck of a lot more than it has been by the doll.






So here’s a run-down on what Santa brought this year…



  • M&D Fold-n-Go Castle and Figures
  • M&D Wooden Railway Trains
    • Mountain Railway
    • Suspension Bridge
    • Locomotive & Power Engine
  • Lego Sets and Storage
  • LeapFrog Tag
    • The Human Body
    • The Solar System
    • The USA Map
    • I Spy book.
  • Imaginext T-Rex
  • Avengers Punching Bag and Boxing Gloves
  • Captain America Figure and Shield
  • M&D Money Set and See-and-Spell Puzzles
  • Tonka Construction Set to build with Daddy.
  • The Dangerous Book for Boys

And in his stocking…

  • Star Wars III Lego game for X-Box.
  • Toob Sets - Pirates and Knights.
  • Bike Airplane
  • Pirate Lego Watch
  • Flashlight
  • Mini Slinky
  • Mickey Band-Aids
  • M&M’s and Gingerbread Treats



  • Wooden Doll Crib and Highchair
  • M&D Fold-n-Go Stable and Pasture Ponies Set
  • Our Generation Riding Doll
    • Quarter Horse
    • Cheerleading Outfit
    • Ballet Outfits
  • PBK Dollhouse and Furniture - I was actually looking for just the furniture but I sort or randomly found all of this on Craig’s List for half as much as I could get just the furniture!
  • M&D Wooden Dollhouse Family
  • M&D Jenna Baby
  • PBK Designer Doll
  • M&D Nina Ballerina Magnetic Doll Set
  • Zoo Animals Wooden Train Set
  • Tag Jr. Letter Factory Flashcards and Sesame Street Book
  • The Daring Book for Girls

In her stocking…

  • A soft baby in a smocked dress.
  • Toob Polo Set
  • A Southern Belle Primer (Never too early to start!)
  • A case of Disney Princess lip gloss.
  • Barbie Car Keys and Flashlight Lipstick
  • Princess Cell Phone
  • Princess Band-Aids
  • Flashlight
  • M&Ms and Gingerbread Man treats.

Here’s more on the keepsake books the kids got…


Sooo adorable!

Santa always tries to include Mommy and Daddy too…


A new shower curtain and liner… So practical of you, Santa!


Daddy’s stocking had house shoes, a Mavericks t-shirt, a handy little tool, a Pocket Ref book, Carmax, Every Man Jack face lotion, and body wash.


Mommy’s stocking… I’d planned on more but I got a little impatient ;)

After it was all said and done James said (like he does every year), “Santa did a really good job.” I told him to keep that in mind 11 months from now… Like I do every year.

Obviously I’m having to break my Christmas posts up. I’ll post the rest of Christmas Day soon!

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Santa treated the kids well! Cute post :)