Pre-Christmas Weekend

My dad came in town to see Knox’s Christmas Program and to spend the weekend before Christmas with us.


After the program and party we went to the mall. We grabbed lunch at Corner Bakery then went to see the Trains at NP. We also got to see “the turtles,” wave Hi to Santa, hit up Uptown Popcorn, and catch a few of the Christmas puppet shows they had set up throughout the mall. That was a first for us but the kids thought it was the greatest!

By the time we got home Friday afternoon everyone was worn out and took naps.


Later on we went on a walk around the neighborhood, and Poppy gave us a few early Christmas presents from him and MiMi…


A pony tire swing for the kids!

IMG_3183e   IMG_3191e

I’d been looking for one of these for our front yard trees since we moved in. I was excited when Dad told me they’d found one at a fall festival. Obviously it’s a huge hit with the kids. I didn’t get any pics of Knox’s ride because a certain 2 year old threw a monster tantrum when her turn was over. Even after big brother was not only sweet enough to let her go first, but also to push her… Oh the joys of learning to SHARE.

Dad also brought James’ present…


A Longhorn corn hole set - 2 boards, 8 bags - that he made himself. Impressive! We’ll enjoy having this for entertaining and for just plain backyard fun. The kids love this too.

IMG_0457e   IMG_0458e

Before getting dinner Friday night, we went to see a live reenactment of the Nativity at a church down the street. I didn’t get many pics of the “show” but it was just beautiful. There were shepherds, angels, kings, and a chilling narration from Matthew.


We got to say Hi to Baby Jesus afterwards. And all the animals, of course.

IMG_0468e   IMG_0473e

In fact there was a full petting zoo, which both my kids always love, but it is TOTALLY up Hadley’s alley.

IMG_0476e   IMG_0475e

IMG_0477e   IMG_0478e

She cracks me up because she’s such a little mommy. She went up to each animal to pet them, then made sure everyone had food, and there was no keeping her from picking them up. Sorry, Mr. Petting Zoo Guy.


She specifically requested this picture with the bunny!

We did Mariano’s for dinner, then came back home and watched The Trouble with the Curve after the kids went down. (Good movie!) At one point we heard our doorbell ring, when went to the door no one was there but there was hayride driving by full of kids singing Christmas carols (trailed by parents with a few solo cups…). The older kids were running ahead ringing doorbells so people would come out. It was really cute and adds yet another reason to the list of why I love our neighborhood.

Knox was super offended that he wasn’t on the hayride. I went through my e-mails and saw that I had missed the one from the neighborhood moms group about that. Whoops :-/ Would’ve been fun. Next year, Knox!

Saturday we decided to do ICE at The Gaylord Texan…


It’s just beautiful anyway, but I love the Gaylord at Christmas Time!


IMG_0488e   IMG_0489e

Getting our parkas on! We all agreed that it was much colder this year than it was when we went 2 years ago. Brrrrrr!


IMG_0490e   IMG_0507e

This year’s theme was Merry Madagascar, which was super cute. Last year was Shrek the Halls, and the year before that was Peanuts. I wonder what they’ll do next??

IMG_0496e   IMG_0503e



The slides!

IMG_0512e   IMG_0515e

Dad and Knox going down…


Hadley and I went down too, but her slide was sort of pitiful. She’s so small she barely moved. I swear it took her a full minute to get down, all the while she was laying flat on her back as still as can be. I was so afraid she was freaking out but the employees wouldn’t for the life of me let me slide down to rescue her :-/ But she DID finally get to the bottom and she was fine.

IMG_3248  ICE2010

To the left is a [bad] pic of our 2012 ICE! pic… And to the right is the same group 2 years ago :)


We thawed out after ICE with cookies and hot chocolate while we waiting to be seated for dinner.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard Hey, he looks like the kid from Home Alone. when Knox wears his snow hat. Ha! I guess I see that. Without his hat he is totally Dennis the Menace though ;)

Dad headed back home Sunday morning and now we’re gearing up for the Christmas craziness! We will celebrate Christmas Eve and Day here, then head to Memphis to celebrate with family. My kids are bouncing off the walls with excitement!

Carry   nickandi

And lastly - my big brother turned the BIG 30 on Saturday!



Happy Birthday, Nick! Know that you are always loved and idolized. Whether it’s by 3 bratty little sisters, or your awesome niece and nephew :)

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