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James sent me this a few weekends ago when I was at speech with Knox. Yes, that would be Hadley in one of her brother’s shirts and a fireman hat, playing with Legos. Kind of cute but I’m glad they didn’t go anywhere. That I know of…

IMG_6172e   IMG_6174e

I’m still deciding which of the kids’ Spring Pictures I want in prints and galleries, but I knew right away I wanted a big classic canvas of this one. I ordered an 18x24 and I couldn’t be any more pleased with it! I just hung it over the mantle for now but once we get in the new house I’ll have it framed and most likely hang it in the dining room.


One of the few advantages of our stent in the townhome is the pool! It has 3 levels just like this with flowing waterfalls from each and several mini pools. It’s gorgeous and I intend to take full advantage before the move. We took the kids for the first time on Cinco de Mayo…


IMG_6146e   IMG_6152e


All of our puddle jumpers and floaties are buried somewhere in the storage unit. We had to watch them like hawks.


We LOOOVE living by a TCBY now. It’s becoming at least a once a week treat :)


Some of y’all asked - I found Hadley’s head phones for the iPad at Toys-R-Us. They limit the volume amount according to age. The youngest age they had was 3-5yrs but they fit H just fine on the smallest setting. I need to get Knox a pair so they can wear them while watching DVDs in the car and I can listen to something ANYTHING else.

IMG_6179e   IMG_6336e

I got 5 inches of hair cut off right before we went to Knoxville! I took the Before pic on the left but it’s taken me a while to get used to my new hair so I didn’t take an After picture right away. You can kind of see the length in the picture on the right and it slightly angles up in the back like a graduated bob… I think I’m starting to get the hang of it??? If anything it’s SO much quicker to dry.


Hadley went potty like a big girl for the first time a few weeks ago (20.5months). I don’t want to full-on potty train until after the move, but she’s real in to princesses right now so she got the biggest kick out of picking out her first pairs of princess panties… A right of passage for every little girl ;)

A few more H updates since I’m slacking on the monthly posts…

IMG_6382   IMG_6392e

{L} We had a follow-up appointment with Dr. B for her hemangioma. She’s had 3 laser treatments and it looks 300 times better than it did 6 months ago! Dr. B thinks there’s still room for improvement and she does so well with the treatments, we’re going to do a few more. (Not to mention we’ve met out deductible on her!) The next one will be on June 5th.

{R} Hadley started climbing out of her crib this week. She surprised me Tuesday morning by waltzing in to our room wearing her shoes and saying Hi, Mama! I honestly thought it’d happen before 18 months since she’s such a climber, but I guess she’s always known her bed as an “enclosure” so the thought of climbing out never occurred to her until now…


Oh mercy… I posted this earlier on Twitter/Facebook, but I just can’t get over how old Hadley looks here! I mean, all she needs is a bag over her shoulder and a phone in her hand and she’d look like she was off to the clubs. Very rarely do I put her in big girl outfits for that very reason. The only reason she wore this is because she’d already gone through 2 outfits and I just wasn’t in the mood for her to dirty up another hang-to-dry one.

Although I admit, it IS pretty darn cute… But she has forever to wear jeans and tunic tops. Her days of bubbles and bishops are limited :( Soooooo…


We compensated the next day :)

IMG_6426e   IMG_6424e

Now there’s my itty bitty baby!!!


I’ll have a BIG update in store for this guy very soon. The count-down is ON…


12 days ‘til he’s the big F-O-UR! He’s just a little bit excited ;) We have some fun things in store. I’d say ‘I can’t wait.’ but I really can because I’m in total denial that I’m old enough to have a 4 year old… Wow.


Amanda McD said...

Love your blog and all the Hadley updates. I can't believe she is already going in the big girl potty! She is too cute in that pink bubble :)

KB said...

I also live in Dallas, and my husband and I are *attempting* to close on our first home. We just ran into the appraisal problem, too. Seems to be prevalent in our area! Keep us posted on your process--would love to see how it all works out for yall. We're hoping and praying that all goes smoothly and we can finally close. I'm just DYING to move into our first home!