Hadley 20 Months, etc.

Miss Hadley turned 20 months this past Friday! I know 20 months isn’t a huge milestone, but she is changing so fast I like to update on her every now and then…


She is MISS INDEPENDENT! She can do it all. Or so she thinks… I try to help her drink out of a water bottle - I DO IT! She wants to push a cart full of groceries - I DO IT!!!

So she doesn’t want our help, but she thinks we need her help… Oh she is soooo helpful. She’s always picking up people’s things and handing them to us - He-ya go, Mama. She “helps” me dress Knox in the morning, fold and put away laundry, make dinner… We are up to our ears in Hadley’s “help.”

She’s pretty advanced in her talking. I think it’s from being a girl, having an older sibling, and being just plain smart ;) The sentences that come out of her mouth blow me away. Just this morning I told her to take Knox his cup, she gave it to him and said “Here ya go, Knox, it’s milk.” She understands pretty much everything we say.


{I stuffed her in one hole the other day at the store and didn’t notice until we were walking to the car. Funny girl, acted like everything was perfect.}

She sings songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, God Our Father (meal time prayer), her bedtime prayer, a few Nick Jr. songs, and we’re working on the ABCs. She counts to 10.

She loves to dance! And jump, climb, spin…

She shows a ton of interest in the potty and tells us when she needs a new diaper, but we haven’t hit potty training hot and heavy yet. My gut tells me to wait until we move and are settled.


Hadley knows how to schmooze. (Is that a real word?) She can flirt and bat her lashes a little too well for a 1 year old. Daddy just eats it up. Ok, we all kind of do…

She loves Bubble Guppies, babies, anything that involves getting pretty, and imitating me. Yet she’s also content playing cars and trains right along with Knox.

She quit her pacie cold turkey a few months ago. But after 2 weeks she started cutting molars, and we’d just moved so she and Knox were sharing a room. After fighting it for several nights we finally gave the pacie back. It was the only thing that soothed her and allowed us all to sleep… Now she’s 5x’s addicted because I think she’s scared we’re going to take it away again. Ha! She only gets it for bedtime (unless she sneaks one herself) and we try to put her down without when we can.


Another challenge we’re going through right now is little tantrums when she doesn’t get her way (Horror!), and making whining noises when she wants something. We’re working on using our words instead. She has such good vocabulary so there’s no excuse for it!


Other things since I last blogged…


- Knox had his second speech therapy session Saturday morning. It’s going well and as crazy as it sounds I can already see improvement.

- After speech we went to a kiddie festival at one of the local churches. It was a great way to wear the kids out for afternoon naps.

- Sunday was NOT a day of rest… We did some major cleaning. It’s almost impossible for me to get everything done during the week with the kids home, and the past 3 weekends had been nuts, so I had a lot to catch up on.

Oh I forgot to mention Hadley is obsessed with coloring and writing. Go figure this would start right after we move in to a rental space. If I take my eyes off her for a minute she climbs on to the counter to get a pen out of the junk drawer. You can imagine… I handed James a magic eraser and he spent a good hour+ scrubbing her “art work” off the walls, appliances, and furniture.

- I booked a flight to go see my little sister graduate pre-med from the University of Tennessee in a few weeks. Woo hoo! I just can’t believe she’s graduating… It seems like I just graduated yesterday.

Since H can still fly free she’ll be tagging along with me. Knox used to fly all the time with me, so this will give her a little one-on-one time. And I’m sure Knox will love having James all to himself!

- We went to go look at a house Sunday. I told Knox what we were doing and 5 minutes later he comes out of his room carrying a huge arm load of toys. He said he was “packing for our NEW house…” Bahaha! I think Knox is the most fed up with apartment living out of all of us. He misses the backyard and having his own room, and I’m sure the fact that he’s not in school right now makes it even worse. Poor guy.


- Speaking of Knox, I can’t believe he will be FOUR next month. We’ve started thinking about birthday party ideas. He’s excited! I’m in denial…

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Lacy said...

Hadley is such a pretty little girl. I think in the picture with her Daddy in the background she looks so much like him. :) Usually it's a combo though..

When my son was in speech we saw a differences so quick. It's amazing what a speech therapist can do in such a short time..

Hopefully y'all find a house soon so everyone is happy. I'm sure Knox will be most appreciative to have his room back. I'm sure sharing is not fun for him at all. He has such a sweet face. :)