Rosette Tutorial

A few of you asked for a How-To on the Rosette Headbands and since my friend asked me to make her a black one, I figured I'd take some pics while I was at it and post a little tutorial...

Not sure if this is the technically right method, but it works! Good thing too, because I chose this craft for our November MOPS meeting on Friday night, got the supplies Saturday and didn't get around to testing it out until LATE Sunday night. Thank heavens it worked or I would have looked pretty idiotic at MOPS on Moday morning :)

Here's what you'll need. If you're like me, these are things you already have laying around!

fabric, cut or torn in to 1.5-2" strips
hot glue gun
headbands (stretchy or regular) or alligator clips
embellishments (I used tulle squares and glass pearl beads.)

1. Start at one end of your fabric and tie a knot in it.

2. Begin twisting your fabric and rolling it around the knot, adding a dot of glue every half inch or so to secure it in to place. You can adjust the tension of your rolls and twists to achieve different looks. (TIP: If you're using a patterned fabric, be sure to keep the right side facing out while twisting.)

3. Once your rosette has reached the desired size, snip the remaining fabric off and glue the end to the back of the rosette.

[My pics may not be very helpful since I did black - but this is the back of my rosette with the end glued down.]

4. Cut out a piece of felt slightly smaller than your rosette and use a generous amount of glue to attach it to the back of your rosette. (TIP: If adding tulle squares - I used 4 and staggered them over each other - place them in between the rosette and this first piece of felt.)

5. If you want your rosette on an alligator clip, add a small line of glue to the back of the felt and attach the clip.

6. If you want your rosette to be a headband - add a line of glue to the back and press the headband on.

7. Cut out a second piece of felt the same size as the first and glue it to the back of the rosette and headband for a finished product. (TIP: If doing more than one rosette on a headband, place your rosettes how you will want them and cut out ONE piece of felt for the final backing.)

8. Glue your beads or any other embellishments to the front of the rosette to finish it off!

Voila! Super cute, huh???


Ashley said...

LOVE IT! Thanks for the little tutorial ;)

sminto said...

You make it look so easy and do-able! :) I am going to write down the supplies I need and get my behind over to Hobby Lobby! Great job.

Erin said...

Thank you so much! Can't wait to try one out for myself!

Miranda said...

Thank you for sharing!!!!! :-)

Lara said...

Cute! Thank you :)

Carmen's Texas Life said...

I love wearing headbands so making one would be really fun. Thanks for posting!