Our Story

Welcome to our little corner of cyber space! Glad you dropped by :)

First - meet Me...


The girl behind the blog!

As stated - I'm a 24yr old Tennessee girl, born-and-bred. We moved to the great state of Texas about 2.5 years ago for James' career and thus marked the beginning of my blogging career. I began this blog with hopes that it would keep our family and friends up-to-date with us, but quickly it became something I do for myself. This is my baby book, my safe-place to vent, and many days my therapy. It's become so precious to me and I'm honored to have fallen in to this amazing little community of mommy bloggers!

As for Texas - I really do like it here although sometimes I get homesick. Since the move, James and I have made some wonderful friends, grown together in our faith, and have grown closer to each other... Plus, you Texans take so much pride and ownership in your state. I love that.

I'm the second oldest of 4 (read more about my family HERE) and grew up in private schools with a tight-knit group of friends, participating in every sport and activity imaginable... Until high school, that is, when I decided to devote 3hrs 6days/wk to competitive cheerleading.

[Oh those were the days...]

I went to the University of Memphis where I cheered on the coed squad and got my Bachelor's degree in nursing. Graduated in 2007 and went on to work in the Special Care/NICU and began my Master's degree as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. I have such a passion for neonates I can't imagine ever doing anything else. I'm confident I have the best career in the world.

However, nursing and continuing-education are currently on-hold for me so I can stay at home with my kids. And I can honestly say I would not trade a thing for that luxury! I'm so blessed that James and I both have careers that allow this...

Just to be real for a minute... I'm sometimes shy when I first meet people, but am totally the opposite once I am comfortable around them. I'm a type-A perfectionist, and this I've learned can be a good and bad thing. I have trouble asking for help and saying No. I'm a classic middle child; I want to please everyone. I have insecurities about my body, my self worth, and what people think of me... I'm working on it. I worry too much. My biggest fear is something happening to my children and Satan knows that well. I was raised in the faith and in church my whole life, but still kind of feel like a baby Christian when it comes to my personal relationship with Christ. I'm slowly learning that I can't fix everything, and how to trust God with ALL things.

Things I love...

Blogging. (Obvi.)
The lake.
A good praise and worship song [slash] anything by Jeremy Camp.
Dressing my kids. (Yes, that's a hobby.)
Ginormous bows. Our motto is Go big, or go home.
Learning new crafts.
Sweet tea.
Sewing and embroidering.
TLC reality shows. Specifically - The Little Couple and The Duggars.
Sarcasm. To a point.
Caesar salads.
Online shopping. Outlet shopping... Shopping.
My mommy-groups and all the amazing friends I've met through them.
Photography. (As in other people taking pictures.)
Painting. (As in walls.)
Pottery Barn.
Carrie Underwood. I want to be her when I grow up. Or at least her BFF.
Afternoon coffee.
The fall and all things SEC football.
And there was a time when I enjoyed working out... Ha!


One of the few - ok, probably the ONLY man who could willingly put up with me ;) No really, he's great. He's everything God calls a husband a father to be - a provider, protector, and leader... James also grew up in Tennessee but moved to Texas right after law school. So yes, we did the long-distance thing for a while... He's good at his job and has been blessed with some fabulous opportunities in the past few years. We're proud of him!

He's also the best Daddy ever and so handy around the house. Whether he wants to be or not, Ha! I've always got a Daddy-To-Do list for him. He enjoys movies, his truck, golf, hunting/fishing, and music. In fact, back in the day when he had his bachelor pad, it included a recording studio! Someday I'll have to share clips of some of the songs he recorded... ;)


Oh, there are no words for this kid... David Knox was born May 29, 2008 and the world has never been the same since. If I had to describe him with just one word it'd be RIDICULOUS :)

He's full of life, energy, and at just 3 years... Opinions. He's stubborn and scarily independent. He loves people, all ages. The kid has never met a stranger. He also has a lovey side that just melts me. He will always be my baby boy and he knows that. It has to be a conscious effort everyday for me not to spoil him rotten.

Knox's current loves include... Sports and his gymnastics class. Anything that goes - trains, trucks, cars, etc. Dinosaurs. His sister. He thinks she's his personal 24/7 playmate. Puzzles and books. Most fruit and ANYTHING sweet. The Backyardigans, Thomas, Buzz Lightyear, and Cars... He's so smart and picks up on everything. The things that come out of his mouth make us laugh on a daily basis.


Miss Hadley Carter came in to our lives August 20, 2010 and I don't think I could ever fully describe the pure joy [and FUN] of having a little girl. She is our sweet sunshine, Daddy's princess, Mommy's baby doll, and Knox's partner in crime. I've been amazed at how perfectly she's fit in to our family. It's like she's been here forever.

We're seeing more and more of Hadley's personality these days. In short - she's a HAM! Ha - the girl looooves attention and knows how to steal it. When we're out I call her my "Show Stopper" because she does just that. She also loves tagging around with Knox and thinks she's just as big as he is. She's a tiny thing, but no longer has any interest in anything "baby" - toys, food, etc.

I love dressing Hadley up in sweet little numbers, and I confess, she's rarely seen without a gigantic bow on her head ;) I have a strong feeling that our girl will be smart, beautiful, confident, sassy, responsible, and a little charmer.

So there you have it... Us in a nutshell. Hope you've enjoyed our story and stick around to see where else life and Texas take us!


Ann said...

You have an adorable and talented family! Knox and Hadley are just precious. Love reading your blog :)

Emily said...

What a fun way to get to know you and your (beautiful) family. I really enjoy your blog, and this just added to the enjoyment. xo

Laura said...

love it!

Elizabeth said...

I LOVE reading about you and your family!! Hadley and Knox are precious!!

Kayla said...

Love it! Gorgeous family! Being from Texas ;) makes me like it more! lol!

Suzanne said...

Stumbled onto your site. I, too, am from Tennessee (NE corner, Kingsport) and moved to Texas (Dallas area)...but MANY years before you. I understand the homesick feeling, but you will come to love Texas as your home. It is a wonderful place. Welcome fellow Volunteer and I hope you find all your dreams come true here. Wonderful family - I have a grandson and a grand-daughter on the way. :)

Marci @ a smile a day said...

You are so adorable! I loved reading this :) you have 2 cute little kiddos too! Only in a perfect world can u get a boy & a girl in the first 2 tries! Praying for this when it comes my time lol. Where in Texas did y'all move? I'm a fellow Texan as well so welcome!! Glad I found your blog! xo

Shahin Monsef said...

Cool! :-)

Brittany {Coleman Chronicles} said...

I just found your blog through Twitter and loved reading your "about us" story! I have a Hadley, too - born Jan 2011. Where in TX are y'all?

Denise said...

I just stumbled on your blog looking for a t-shirt I saw at the airport today. LOL! You're going into my blogroll RIGHT NOW. I love finding people from TN now living in TX. Its fun to see their POV while mine is the opposite (From TX now in TN). Love what I've already read and can't wait to read more!!