So This is Happening

So I guess this is what happens when you don’t blog for months on end…


All the sudden you look up and you’re announcing a pregnancy! Yes, that’s right. If you didn’t catch it on Twitter or IG… We are expecting baby number THREE in May!

I promised to blog the details so here goes…

How far along?

Almost 16 weeks! This baby is due May 20th-25th (my original sono said the 25th and my most recent said the 20th) - just days before Knox’s birthday.

Was it planned?

NO!! So incredibly not planned. I mean - I never really felt like I was done having kids, but I certainly wasn’t ready to pull the trigger on a 3rd. In fact a week before we found I was bragging to someone about how much I loved the fact that my kids weren’t in diapers, feed themselves, and sleep through night - and how at that point I was totally content with my 2 “big” kids. Oh man… God sure does have a sense of humor!

Finding out…

I didn’t find out until later (for me) on this one - 8 weeks. I bought a test just to “rule it out” and I didn’t even take it until several days later because I figured it wasn’t a remote possibility. Well, imagine my surprise when that big fat + showed up! I had no clue how I was going to tell James, he ended up finding the test in a bathroom drawer that night, HA!

It has taken a while to really sink in - still hasn’t actually. I had my first doctors appointment around 9 weeks, and I can’t locate that sonogram pic at the moment. (Poor third child…)

First trimester…

I’ve actually been trying to keep up with the weekly pregnancy update thing. I have weeks 9-15 in a saved post that I will get up soon.  But overall I just feel like I was in a coma the 1st trimester. I was so tired and unmotivated. Seems like that 2nd trimester energy burst has finally kicked in this week, so now I trying to put my house back together. It has been severely neglected these past few months!

Seems like I had more nausea with this pregnancy than my others, although thankfully it’s pretty much subsided. Right now I’m feeling pretty good, just ready to be past that awkward “is she pregnant or did she just eat too much” phase!

Spilling the beans…

Since I’d be 15 weeks right around Thanksgiving, we knew we wanted to announce it to our families when we traveled back to Memphis for the holiday. We told the kids a few days before we left. I had a great sonogram at 14 weeks as part of my genetic screening, which we got a copy of on DVD. So we sat them down in the den, told them we had a surprise, and played the DVD. It took them a little while (and some prompting) to figure out what it was. When they did - Knox was SO excited. He is so fascinated by all of this. He asked a lot of [in-depth] questions and he loves watching the DVD. “Can we watch X-ray Baby?!?”

Hadley was kind of a different story… She let us know that SHE is the baby, and she threw a fit until she went to bed that night. Lord help us! She’s warming up to the idea little by little, but I’m a little concerned about what’s going to go down when the baby is actually here.

(And I am such an awful mother for not getting any pictures of this!)


[How cute is that little profile?!?]

EPSON MFP image   EPSON MFP image

[Precious little feet and what looks like a smile!]

We had no super creative way to tell our family - we just let H announce that she was “going to be a big sister!” and share the sonogram pic. Of course everyone is really excited!

Boy or Girl?

We have a pretty good idea but my lips are sealed until we confirm at our 18 week ultrasound :)

But basically I’m in a really great spot with this - I already feel like I have the best of both worlds! On one hand - it feels like It’s been so long since I’ve done the baby boy thing, so that would be so fun. And on the other hand - I’d take another girl any day of the week. I mean the thought of matching dresses and bows… Yes please!

So either way - it will be so fun to find out and announce whether it will be more bishops or John Johns around here!

So now you know the scoop! Like I said I’m feeling pretty good right now. If anything I keep almost forgetting I’m pregnant. I feel like I don’t even have time to think about it, we are so busy these days. I can hardly believe it’s already been 16 weeks!

I’m going to try so hard to stay on top of pregnancy updates, as well as blogging in general!


Phone Dump

Resurfacing for a quick IG photo dump in hopes that it will somewhat catch me up on the past 2 months…


Some Hadley randoms…

2013-09-09_1378742124   2013-09-11_1378911348

She got to “graduate” up to the lavender leotard at ballet. So exciting!!


Total mess!


H - once again star struck by Ariel - at our friend Selah Grace’s birthday party. After we left she kept saying, “Mommy I love Ariel, but I just miss her SO much!”

2013-09-22_1379894267   2013-09-23_1379896810

These are from our neighborhood picnic a few week ago. The kids LOVED the magician.


Wednesdays are Hadley’s and my Girls Day! We usually head to the mall or something. See also, I got a great hair cut and am finally able to wear it down long. This has never happened. Amazed!

2013-10-02_1380723108   2013-09-16_1379368075

Knox’s new speech routine is going so well!! It’s so exciting to see his pregress in such a short amount of time.


He is also straight up reading EVERYTHING which totally blows me away. I’m feeling so at peace with our decision to do Transition Kinder. He is going to be 12 steps ahead of the game when he starts regular Kinder next year.


Knox also is doing flag football this fall which has been so much fun to watch.

2013-09-28_1380398943   2013-09-28_1380330426

Our team - the Wildcats - is actually pretty good. In a few weeks they get to play a game under the BIG lights at SMU which I’m really looking forward to!


We took family dance party up a notch the other night when we added guitars. Hilarious!!

2013-09-09_1378696377   2013-09-30_1380554074

Mr. Samson is 10.5 months and well over 100lbs, although I don’t know how much because I lost the ability to weigh him at home a while ago. The pic on the right is me crockpotting in the dining room because I have no faith in him… Although it didn’t really hit me until after I took the pic that I probably shouldn’t put much faith in that baby gate either.


2013-09-17_1379385739    2013-09-08_1378602012

2013-09-18_1379474085    2013-09-28_1380396102

Besides all that, the kids are so excited for Halloween…

2013-09-19_1379550687   2013-10-05_1381002275

All THREE of them! ;)

2013-10-05_1380996820   2013-10-06_1381018057

Last Saturday we went to Oktoberfest and - just like last year - there was a freak-of-nature cold front that came in which made it 60 and windy! It was a bit chilly, but kind of nice.


We are loving the fact that it’s fall! I only wish that it lasted as long as our summers do.


Back to School 2013

Knox and Hadley their first day back to school today!


This year Knox is doing Transition Kindergarten 5 days a week and Hadley is in the T/Th 3’s class. They were so excited to go back!


First day back lunches ready!

We attempted some Pinteresty type back-to-school photos this morning…


Knox’s turned out pretty cute!


Hadley was a different story…

IMG_4223e   IMG_4226e

She had a little meltdown when I told her she could not wear a ballet bun to school and it totally ruined her on pics for the rest of the day. So these are the ones we are going with… Back-to-School mugshots.

Once we got to school Knox ran right in to his classroom and got to work on his math worksheet with Miss Ashley.




And I was able to get a picture of him with his teacher, Mrs. T., who was not able to make Meet the Teachers Night.


Even though she looks a little timid in these pics, Hadley ran straight in to her classroom and got to work too.


As far as I’ve heard - everyone had a GREAT first day back.


After school sillies.


I really hope that this school year will be as wonderful as last year was!


Best Puppy Ever

Back in June I was going through one of our local magazines and a blurb about “submit a photo of your pet for a chance to be featured in our September issue” caught my attention.

I told James half-way jokingly “OMG you know Samson would win that! I mean look at his face…”

He rolled his eyes at me, which totally sealed the deal.


I got online and submitted this pic of our sweet Samson boy taken just a few weeks prior when he was 6 months old. Would you ever guess he was 60lbs in this pic?!?

I sort of forgot about the whole thing. Come the end of July I was insanely behind on my e-mails. Fortunately I was doing a search for something else, and just so happened to come across several e-mails from the magazine telling me Samson was one of the 4 pets chosen out of 300 submissions for the article… and We really need to get Samson’s interview and pictures before the end of the week… OMG!


So of course I responded and the following day we had the writer over for his “interview” and the day after that we met the photographer at our neighborhood school for pics.

Well, the September issue was released last week and OF COURSE the one month one of our “babies” is in it is the one month that our house is missed on the delivery :-/ I saw the article online first (after several friends told me!) and yesterday I was finally able to track down some hard copies…



And yes - make that TWO babies who made the magazine! I love that they captured and featured the special bond these two have.

Some screen shots of the website version of the article…



Our write-up makes me laugh! The reporter did a great job describing our little circus, as anyone who’s come for a visit at our house can attest to.

I know it’s just a local magazine, but we are so still so proud too show off our Samson!

He really is our “best puppy ever!”


Meet the Teachers

Knox and Hadley FINALLY go back to school this Tuesday!


We had Meet the Teachers night last Thursday…

IMG_4392e  IMG_4395e

Pics at home…

IMG_4399e  IMG_4402e

And more pics once we got to school! I couldn’t help myself, they have NEVER posed this well for me :)

We went to Knox’s class first…


Knox turned 5 in May, so although he’s old enough for Kindergarten (crazy!) we are taking an extra year and doing Transition Kindergarten with him. It’s a 5 day program, and they do all the Kinder curriculum and then some. His head teacher - Mrs. T - was not able to make it to Meet the Teachers night, but the assistant Ms. Ashley was there. Knox is SO excited about this year!

Miss Hadley “graduated” from the MDO side to the Preschool side this year!

IMG_4409e   IMG_4411e

She is in the Tuesday/Thursday 3’s class with Mrs. F and Ms. Jeanette. She had the best time exploring her new classroom and we both love Ms. F!

After stopping in to say Hi and give hugs to our teachers from last year, we headed outside for a special treat…


A complimentary cupcake truck!

IMG_4415e  IMG_4416

They also had bubbles and music going - great fun.


Knox got the “Cookie Monster” and H got a white cupcake with pearl sprinkles. They were both gone in about 28 seconds flat :)

We can’t wait for our first day back on Tuesday!